Think back to where you were in 2004: Usher was atop the charts, your cell phone was probably made by Nokia, Amazon sold mostly books, and this thing called an “email blast” was a new phenomenon that you may have gotten off your AOL email account.

Now, almost 20 years later, we argue that email is STILL the best way to reach your target customers. Why? First of all, not everyone has social media. Secondly, not everyone has or uses a phone, or looks in their mailbox. But email – it’s the one thing that elementary school kids and retirees all use.

Most importantly, email is an opt-in only platform as regulated by law. That means that a person has to give you permission to send them messages. It’s not like Facebook or Google, who can serve up ads to you just because you are using their service. You’ll know that anyone who signs up for your email list has at least a cursory interest in your business.

So we’ve sold you…now what? We recommend you hop onboard and learn about an email solution called Flodesk.

We love Flodesk – let us count the ways (5 of them!)

  • Flat-free pricing: We’ve found the other email solutions we’re tried are often too good to be true. They loop a user in with a free plan, but the second a customer wants to do anything robust or customized, it’s time to pay through the nose. OR – they aren’t priced in a way for growth, so the price you pay for subscriber 1 is different than the price you’ll pay once you get to 1,001. In comparison, Flodesk offers one rate for all its features, with unlimited pricing.
  • It’s easy to use: if you can write a Facebook post, you can use Flodesk. It has countless customizable templates so that you can send different looking emails for different types of campaigns and segments to your audience. Their builder walks you through every step of setting up your emails, and it’s incredibly intuitive – trust us!
  • It coincides perfectly with social media and lead generation – you can set up as many lead capture campaigns, segments, and groups and you’ll want and target them all with as many messages as you want. You can share your emails directly to social media so your followers can easily opt-in and vice-versa.
  • It’s a woman-owned company: need we say more about supporting our fellow women?
  • Flodesk makes it easy for you to see how your emails are doing – your statistics regarding clicks, opens, and unsubscribes are laid out in easy-to-use charts to help guide your decision making. Not sure how to see your stats or what they mean? Their help area also is superb, whether you prefer live chat, reading documentation, or videos!

Ready to get started in the email game? Contact us to book a strategy session and talk through how email can help your business!