The Background

Jenny J Fitness is an established online coaching program run by health and wellness coach, Jenny Jaucian.  Her private paid group is only opened 2 times per year for new clients to join, with a free 5-day coaching program to kick off each reopening.

Jenny was looking for additional ways to attract new potential clients to the 5-day program, as well as a follow-up ad campaign to entice new clients to join her private paid coaching program after the 5-day event ends.

Brand Voice: Flamingo Consulting

Our Process

At Flamingo Consulting we like to go deep in understanding the client’s place in the market and their current and ideal customers BEFORE any work is done. That includes:

    Evaluating what the client is already doing. What’s working? What needs improvement? 
  • Identifying the client’s direct selling proposition
  • Who are their competitors? 
  • Develop unique customer avatar 
  • Identify campaign goals, targeting, and creative

Our Solution

It was easy to just lump Jenny in with other similar online fitness coaches. It took some time watching her videos and photos and listening to what her customers were saying about her to understand that her difference is in her energetic personality and her passion for making fitness fun. 

We identified the existing marketing channels that Jenny plays in – website (with customer database), email marketing, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. From there we were able to develop customer lists that we could import into Meta ads manager to match up with both existing customers and others like them. 

We reviewed Jenny’s existing creatives – videos, posts, and ad collateral – to provide recommendations for creative that our ideal customer would relate to.

We then launched both a static and video ad on Instagram and Facebook, targeting her existing customers, others with similar characteristics, and other fitness fanatics. 

The Results

  • 32,680 customers reached
  • 21,756 engagements
  • Cost-Per-Click of $0.35
  • Ad click-through-rate of 7.25%
  • Over 61,000 impressions

Customers like Jenny J Fitness trust Flamingo Consulting because we take the time to understand their customers and develop a Meta ads strategy that complements the existing marketing tools they’re already using. We’d love to help your business capture more leads – and above all, help more people. Reach out to us today to schedule a discovery call. We’d love to get to know you and your business!

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