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At Flamingo Consulting, we know that developing a consistent brand and voice can feel overwhelming.  Our tools and support can help your business create a strong brand to stand behind, develop your next great product, understand your clients, and manage the social voice.

"The best marketing expert should be accessible to you and invisible to your audience." - Alicia Shumaker, Flamingo Consulting Founder and Chief Brand Advisor

Founded in 2013, Flamingo Consulting has provided businesses of all sizes the tools and information they need to make better business decisions and grow their client base.

From mom-and-pop businesses to multinational corporations, our team is here to provide best-in-class service while helping you better understand your business environment – and how your business fits into it.  Whether you need to clearly define your brand, develop a new product, or create a consistent voice across the social environment – you can rely on Flamingo Consulting’s years of experience and training to help you grow to the next level.


Brand Development

By honing your brand and developing a consistent brand voice, Flamingo Consulting can help your clients better understand the great value you bring to them.

Social Media

Handing off the daily management of your social media presence lets you focus on what you WANT to. 

Market Research

Whether your business needs a robust market analysis, benefit analysis of a new product, or to truly understand your target on a deeper level – Flamingo Consulting can help develop and execute the perfect research plan to get the answers you need.

Why we’re loved

At Flamingo Consulting LLC, we believe in more than business. We believe, as consultants, advocates, supporters, and strategists, it is our duty to our clients, collaborators, and team to be more than a marketing agency. Our clients are more than an invoice. Our business is about more than transactions.

This moral cornerstone is the basis for everything we do. If we are not adhering to the these guideposts, we are not giving the best of ourselves and our business to the world.

“How can we help?”

~ instead of ~

“What sale can we make?”

Clients we’ve worked with

Meet Your Flamingo Consulting Dream Team

Alicia Shumaker

Alicia Shumaker

Founder & Chief Brand Advisor

Taleah Greve

Taleah Greve

Vice President of Program Development

Jacqueline Poehlman

Jacqueline Poehlman

Content and Technology Manager

Maddie King

Maddie King

Graphic Designer

Carly Roach

Carly Roach

Marketing Associate

Nathan Roe

Nathan Roe

Project Manager

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