With the world in lockdown, most small businesses don’t just get to hit the “pause” button. Meetings, consults, and happy hours are moving virtual – and that means you, as a business owner, need to OWN the virtual space as you keep working toward your goals.

So, when it comes down to that meeting, are you feeling a little…hesitant with your virtual meeting skills? Check out our top 7 tips for looking like a Zoom Meeting PRO:

Be aware of your surroundings. I know – you’re stuck at home and your office is in shambles and the kids are screaming for a snack and you have NO IDEA how you’re going to jump on a call in 10 minutes. In these current times, a lot of your colleagues and coworkers are struggling with the same problems. Do what you can to create a clean background. Tucking yourself into a corner is fine – clear just enough clutter to create a non-distracting backdrop. Then – lock your setting in place and don’t move that tablet or computer until you’re done. No wobbling cameras = no unintentional personal effect showing up. PRO-TIP: Yes – there are backdrop settings. You can use a photo, a beach backdrop, etc. If you can – avoid using it for business meetings. Zoom is wonderful, but not perfect and as you naturally move, it doesn’t keep up. Your shirt changing to your backdrop or a bright, unrealistic backdrop can do just as much to distract your group as a chaotic background.

Embrace what you can’t change. Look – kids, pets, significant others – we’re all trapped in the same space. And chances are, something will pop in at JUST the moment you need it not to. Embrace it. Explain that the kids are kids and they may pop in. Apologize – and move on. Also – see point number 1 (in case you skipped that one!)

Enable the beauty filter! No need for make-up (unless you want it) and it helps smooth the appearance. Total confidence boost for you – and a cleaner look for a positive impression for the group. Check out this feature on our Facebook page. And while you’re there – be sure to follow the page for more tips and updates.

Mute yourself and check your image BEFORE you officially join the meeting. You can set up Zoom to allow you a preview of what your meeting will see, so you can make any adjustments to Steps 1 and 2. If you’re wearing lipstick – this is your chance to make sure there’s none in your teeth.

MUTE yourself when others have the floor. This is ESPECIALLY true for larger meetings. Having too many people speaking can be disastrous – Zoom can’t figure out who to highlight, no one can hear the important piece that needs to be heard, and it’s just overall not a good time. Unless it’s a happy hour – then, all bets are off. PRO TIP: You can mute and un-mute yourself with the space bar (when the chat function is closed). This makes it so easy to pop in, say something quick, then stay on mute to avoid too many people speaking.

Find a way to show appreciation or applause while on mute. In a world where we seek reaction and audience participation, Zoom and mute buttons can make it feel like we’re working in a vacuum. My personal favorite – the ASL sign for applause! It’s so visual and eye catching, your speaker can see your response without interrupting the presentation. You can also use a thumbs-up, a wave, a clapping of hands while on mute – whatever works for you!

Confidence is key. Look like you know what you’re doing, embrace it when something goes weird, and you’ll get the hang of this new virtual world in no time!

That’s it – so easy, right? Now that you’ve read our 7 tips for looking like a Zoom Meeting PRO:you’re ready to talk on virtual meetings – but do you know what you need to say? If your brand could use some help – Flamingo Consulting LLC is here to help bring your big, beautiful brand forward! Schedule your Free discovery session with us today!