Content Day

Ready to check ALL the things off your marketing to-do list…in just one day?

Flamingo Consulting is partnering with FemPro Business Society and Stoneburner Video to create a unique one-day experience – and build an entire QUARTER’S worth of content and plans for all your web needs…leaving you more time to focus on the other important parts of your business.

Ditch the one-at-a-time, what-should-I-share, where’s-that-picture-again system…and get it all in one place – and done all at once!

We’re bringing together the brilliant minds of our friends and collaborators – the branding eye of Deb & FemPro Business Society, the creative minds of Stoneburner Video, and the strategic planning prowess of Flamingo Consulting…and putting it to work for you.

We’re making it so easy – all you have to do is say YES! Yes to the coaching and planning, yes to your designs, yes to simplicity, yes to consistency, and YES to business growth!

After helping businesses across all industries, niches, markets, and backgrounds, we want to join forces to help you too.

Ready to finally step away from that blinking cursor, those free social media “trainings,” the inconsistent content, the STRESS of running your marketing be the seat of your pants?

Um, of COURSE you are!

Drop in to Content Day – and you’ll never want to look back!

So why are you pulling all this together like this?

Our team has spent collective decades in the fields of branding, digital marketing, and content development, and we know one thing for sure – the digital marketing game is changing ALL. THE. TIME. New platforms, new tools, new security measures, and just more work.
We know a business’ best bet for social media is to engage, connect, and create content REALLY good content that makes your potential customers STOP THE SCROLL. 

But, it’s hard to keep up with changing trends, changing sounds, and keeping the pulse on where your ideal client is actually playing these days. Add in the stress of what to create, juggling the lighting situation, is-my-nose-shiney, what-do-I-even-say-in-this-video STRESS of creating content on-the-fly, and it can feel IMPOSSIBLE to write create one piece of content for your socials or update your website copy, much less a whole 3 months ahead! Independently, we’ve helped our clients meet buyers, connect with new leads, and grow their footprint while working individually. But there were always gaps – businesses got busy, got distracted, caught that dreaded “imposter syndrome” and couldn’t or wouldn’t continue to engage with their followers or drop the ball on their content development.

So it hit us – why not help them (that’s YOU) with all of it. Why not combine our work with strategic planning …with a full branding photoshoot for you, your products, and or your team…with some incredible well-designed and edited videos to showcase the ACTION of your business – into one beautiful package? More importantly – what if we help you DESIGN your strategy for the next 3 months so you can simply drop your pre-made content in and get on with your day?

The strategies, tools, and equipment we use for Content Day are the same we’ve used for our clients around the country – and that we’ve honed over years of education and experience.

Now we want to put them to work for you.

We want you to win with us.

“Ok, but…what’s even in this program?”

In short – everything you need…

Strategic Marketing Planning

Full-Scale Branding Photoshoot

Reels & Video Support

Flamingo Consulting LLC will guide you in defining your ideal client persona, clarifying where they play and what they need to see from you, and build a plan of WHAT we need to offer in the coming 3 months, and put together a plan so the creative team can KNOCK IT OUT OF THE PARK! Whether you’re a product-based business or a service, the team at FemPro Business Society is HERE. FOR. IT. Based on your marketing plans and goals, they’ll create over 100 edited images for your to use throughout the next quarter – and well into the future.

Then, the team at Stoneburner Video shouts ACTION. Utilizing your plan, the team will work to create up to 6 fully-edited high-quality videos. These could include

  • Product videos
  • Demos or service explanations
  • Sales or specials reels
  • Testimonials and/or
  • Meet-the-team videos
  • We build the best shot list for you, based on your plans for the quarter – you don’t have to do a thing except show up – and follow Josh’s suggestions!

BONUS! We’re also throwing in our new Content Development Course!  You’ll be the first to get this new program – a $197 value! TOTALLY FREE for joining Content Day!

Still not clear?  What’s in it for you, exactly?

All your digital marketing plans…

A digital marketing calendar for the next 3 months…

ALL THE CONTENT you need to execute your plans…


FEWER ITEMS ON YOUR TO-DO LIST…without actually giving up on them!

“It can’t be that easy – what exactly will I have to do?”

Great question! It really can be that easy.  To get started on our program, here are your steps:

  1. Sign up for Content Day
  2. Work with our strategy team to design your ideal customer persona
  3. Show up for your 2-hour appointment time with FemPro Business Society and Stoneburner Video

Want to know what we do? We get to:

  • Collect your brand definitions and characteristics
  • Build your ideal customer persona
  • Help you design your content calendar and marketing plans for the quarter
  • Build your shot list
  • Design your lighting
  • Book the studio space
  • Pack up and set up all the equipment
  • Guide your posing and video responses
  • Do HOURS UPON HOURS of your content editing

Ready to take all of THOSE things off your “I should do that” list?

I don’t know – is Content Day really for me?

We get asked this a lot! Here’s who Content Day is perfect for – which are you?

The Busy Business Owner

The Swamped Marketing Department

The Overwhelmed Entrepreneur

Maybe you’re understaffed, still in a big growth stage, or just have a lot on your plate. You don’t have hours to go through ideating and editing and shooting and looking up trends and booking studio space and… You’re helping your sales team, creating documents and large-scale strategies…do you really have the time (or the team) to sit at a computer develop every. Single. Image you need for your marketing plans? Are you even too busy to map out those plans?! You’re watching that cursor click on your Facebook post, you’ve deleted a post about your upcoming special more than a dozen times, you promise yourself that this is the month you’re finally going to be consistent on posting …and you’re FINALLY going to have a plan so you don’t have to keep overthinking it. Sound familiar?

But my business is special – are you sure you can do this for me?

Short answer:

Of course we can! We know our stuff. We do this day in and day out. Our PASSION is making you and your business look GOOD.

Long answer: 

With our years of experience, training and certifications, and obsession with all things MARKETING, we bring it all together for you. We make the plan, we give you the plan, and we give you the parts and pieces you need to drop in to make the plan WORK FOR YOU. In all of our years of work, we’ve created marketing strategies and content for:

Check out the video below to see some of the types of organizations we’ve worked with!

And that’s just what we can list off in a few minutes!

The fact is, if humans are the ones who are buying your product or service, we can connect with them on #allthesocials!

“Why are you even doing this?”

Here’s the deal: Flamingo, FemPro, and Stoneburner have worked and collaborated together for a LONG time. We realized that what makes incredible marketing is not just the plan, the photos, or the videos…it’s ALL OF IT. Each makes the other that much better

We kept waiting for our clients to see it – and to bring us all together. But, let’s be honest…you’re BUSY. And you’re buried. And maybe you’ve been trying to just do it all yourself lately and not even noticing that you need some help.

So, we got to thinking…why don’t we make your life a whole lot easier? And Content Day was born. A one-stop-shop of everything you need – a two-hour session to save you HOURS of time.

Hours you can spend working on the rest of your business. Or supporting your team. Or, dare we say – take some time off?!

What can we say? You’re welcome!

Of course you SAY you know what you’re doing – but what do you clients say?

We’re so glad you asked! 

Ready to add your name to our fan lists? Then you’ll want to try out our new Content Day!

Have some questions? We get those all the time…

Q: I don’t know where to start – what do I even need?

A: We’ve got you covered! You start with Alicia from Flamingo Consulting, asking you all sorts of questions. About your business, about your brand, about sales you have coming up, specials, holidays, what you want to be when you grow up (well, maybe not that one…). From there, she guides you through those important next steps of putting together a plan – and pulling the things together you’ll need to bring with you to Content Day.

Q: But I suck at getting my picture taken – will my images and videos be awful?

A: You’ve clearly never met Deb and Josh before! They get you comfortable in front of the camera, and get the shots you need to check off your list for your marketing plans. Their superpowers are putting you at ease – and getting some incredible content for your business!

Q: What do I have to bring with me?

A: We’ll help you figure that out! Based on your marketing strategy, we’ll give you a “packing list” for your big shoot – including suggestions for clothing do’s-and-don’ts, product lists (if needed), and all those little odds and ends that will help level-up and personalize your photos and videos!

Q: How long do I have to wait for my stuff?

A: We’ll have all your images and videos packed up within 3 weeks!  We include your marketing plans we created, and you’ll be ready to hit the ground running!

Q: There has to be a catch…

A: Not technically a question, but we’ll let it slide. No catch. No extras. Nothing. You get it all – the coaching, the strategy, the images, and the video. All bundled up in one little package. It’s so great, you’ll think it’s Christmas!