Rev Up Your Social Media

Ready to grow your audience and business on social media, but don’t have the time or the energy to be that engaged with it?

Flamingo Consulting’s new Social Media Management options are here to help you grow your audience, connect with your followers, reach new customers, and direct them to buy from you – while you focus on the other important parts of your business.

Ditch the day-to-day social media mess. Let Flamingo do it for you!

We’re taking everything we know about social media – from organic posts, to ads, engagement to calls-to-action…and putting it to work for you.

We’re making it so easy – all you have to do is say YES! Yes to the program, yes to your ad designs, yes to your content, and YES to business growth!

After helping businesses across all industries, niches, markets, and backgrounds, we want to help you too.

Ready to finally step away from that blinking cursor, those free social media “trainings,” and those confusing ad programs?

Um, of COURSE you are!

Drop in to Flamingo Social Media Management Program today!

So why is your old program changing?

Our team has spent collective decades in the field of digital marketing, and we know one thing for sure – the social media game is changing ALL. THE. TIME. New platforms, new tools, new security measures, and just more work.

We know a business’ best bet for social media is to engage, connect, create content, and run ads to reach new audiences. 

But, it’s hard to keep up with changing trends, changing sounds, and keeping the pulse on where your ideal client is actually playing these days. We’ve helped our clients meet buyers, connect with new leads, and grow their footprint through our old social media program – piecing together the steps a leader or owner couldn’t or didn’t want to manage. But there were always gaps – businesses got busy, got distracted, caught that dreaded “imposter syndrome” and couldn’t or wouldn’t continue to engage with their followers. 

So it hit us – why not help them with all of it. Why not combine our work with engagement (and reaching out and responding for you, our incredible ad programs (and our ongoing expertise from working with some of the best ad agencies in the world to continue to learn and grow), and continue to elevate our clients content with our graphic team…and tie it up in one pretty, easy, pink bow?

The strategies we use in the Flamingo Social Media Management Program are the same we’ve used for our clients around the country – and that we’ve honed over years of education and experience.

And they’re the same strategies we’ve used to QUADRUPLE in size in just 1 year – through a pandemic. And then TRIPLE…and then TRIPLE AGAIN.

Now we want to put them to work for you.

We want you to win with us.

“Ok, but…what’s even in this program?”

everything you need…

Organic Content


Reels and Video Support

Social Media Ads

All the things you post as yourself. The images, the copy, the Calls-to-Action, those pesky IG hashtags… That’s right – no more watching your phone or computer for those notifications! We take care of responding to your comments – and making sure your followers feel connected and cared about by your business! We know people are loving video content – but it can be overwhelming to know what to actually make. Our new Reels Inspo private Facebook Group will provide content ideas, trending sounds to use, and connection to other business owners to cross-pollinate those video ideas. We can even edit and post your videos for you, once you make them! Because let’s face it – Meta doesn’t always work with businesses to support your algorithm, but a well-targeted ad gets you in front of a whole new audience that really needs to see you.  Our program not only includes the development, but also the ad spend – so there’s one simple price, and no hidden charges!

More importantly – all of this is tracked. Each month, you’ll get a report on your pages’ growth, the success of your ads, and how many new views you’ve gotten on all your content. We know if we’re not collecting that information, you can’t help your business grow!

So what’s in it for you?

Fewer questions

Fewer hesitations on what to post and when

Fewer items on your to-do list

More time to spend on other parts of your business


MORE NEW CUSTOMERS visiting your website and buying from you!

“It can’t be that easy – what exactly will I have to do?”

Great question! It really can be that easy.  To get started on our program, here are your steps:

  1. Join the program
  2. Work with our strategy team to design your ideal customer persona
  3. Approve of our designs and content (because we NEVER release something without your approval!)
  4. Get back to your regularly scheduled program!

Want to know what we do? We get to:

  • Build your ideal customer persona
  • Develop design standards for your content
  • Research the best IG #s for your brand and content
  • Build a strategy for your content
  • Hone in on your ad targets
  • Develop your copy and call-to-action for your ads
  • Engage with EVERY. SINGLE. COMMENT for you
  • Gather your insights each month
  • Compile your insight report
  • Follow up with the strategy team to adjust plans for the upcoming month
  • Follow video trends
  • Build and launch video content ideas
  • …the list keeps going…

Ready to take all of THOSE things off your “I should do that” list?

I don’t know – is Flamingo Social Media Management really for me?

We get asked this a lot! Here’s who a SMM program is for – which are you?

The Busy Business Owner

The Swamped Marketing Department

The Overwhelmed Entrepreneur

Maybe you’re understaffed, still in a big growth stage, or just have a lot on your plate. You’re helping your sales team, creating documents and large-scale strategies…do you really have time (or the team) to sit at a computer and respond to comments? To write that copy for those posts? To spend your time building each individual ad? You’re watching that cursor click on your Facebook post, you’ve deleted a post about your upcoming special more than a dozen times, you promise yourself that this is the month you’re finallygoing to be consistent on posting. Sound familiar?

But my business is special – are you sure you can do my social media?

Short answer:

Of course we can! You may be unique, but your business model probably isn’t, and above all, as long as you sell stuff—products or services. If you sell to humans, we’ve got you covered!

Long answer: 

With our proprietary persona-building and empathy mapping processes, we get to the heart of your brand AND your customer. Then, through our years of experience and training, we can connect the two through organic content, engagement, social media ads, and video support. In all of our years of work, we’ve created content and graphic designs for a zillion types of businesses. Check out the video below to see some of the types of organizations we’ve worked with!

And that’s just what we can list off in a few minutes!
The fact is, if humans are the ones who are buying your product or service, we can connect with them on #allthesocials!
“Why this big shift, though, Flamingo?”

Here’s the deal: Things aren’t “normal” anymore. There is a big shift in the market that we’ve never seen before. Even with the world reopening, we are not “business as usual.”

Your followers are more discerning. The algorithm for socials is even tighter. The “old ways” of targeting ads are limited as consumers focus on privacy and protecting their web history (or their phones doing it for them). The Great Resignation. Massive political shifts. New platforms, new sounds, new trends…and you, my business leader friend, still only have so many hours in the day. 

And really – you’re different too. Maybe you feel the nudge to spend more time with family and friends. Maybe you see your team reaching burnout over monotonous marketing tasks. Maybe you realize that there’s not nearly enough time to do ALL the marketing tasks and still do the work required to maintain your products or services. 

You’re not going anywhere – you’re just tagging us in. Our flock is ready to take that burden off you and your team – and use all our skills to make it grow – with you and for you!

Imagine what you could do with just a little extra time – or just a little extra brain space!

Of course you SAY you know what you’re doing – but what do you clients say?

We’re so glad you asked! 

Have some questions? We get those all the time…

Q: How do you post for me?

A: You give our Flamingo Consulting Business Manager page access to your pages, and it allows us to post for you once your content is approved by you!

Q: So how does approval work for my organic content?

A: You’ll get an email from us with mock-ups of what your upcoming posts will look like – with images, #’s, and copy. If you like it, hit “Approve” – want some edits? Request them right from our approval tool and we get notified. Once you approve them, they’re all scheduled for you – you never have to lift another finger!

Q: What about the ads – do I have to do anything for that?

A: Nope! You simply take a look at the ad we design for you, approve it, and we move forward with your unique targeting strategy. The ad spend is right in your monthly payment, so no surprise charges!

Q: Tell me about engagement…

A: Our team of experienced marketers watches for comments and notifications on your page. When one of your followers inevitably comments, we pop in and make sure we respond for you! Thank them, ask questions, engage with them…No more watching for them yourself – and no more guessing what to say next!

Q: So I’m locked into a contract for how long?

A: NOT HERE. If we or our program isn’t a good fit for you, we can stop. You give us a month’s notice so we can wrap up the parts and pieces still running for you, and we step back and let you take over when our time is done. Only our Platinum package requires 3 month commitments, as we engage with FemPro Business Society for branding photos each quarter with you!  Otherwise, we want you to fly free if you’re ever ready to leave our nest.

Q: Can I add more to my marketing budget?

A: Sure thing! Whether you want to scale up for a season for every day of the year, simply let us know and we can increase your ad budget and send you an invoice for the addition!